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Big Boss Sauce

Big Boss Sauce

Big Boss Sauce was one of the first products that I developed as I am a HUGE fan of barbeque. Some were too sweet, some too spicy, but I finally got it right. It passed the test of the toughest critics that I could find: my friends and family.

They loved it, and even pointed out that it wasn’t just for chicken and ribs anymore. They put it on shrimp, marinated salmon with it, and after hearing how great it was on everything, I realized that it was no ordinary BBQ sauce that I had created…it was “Big Boss-The Everything Sauce”.

Image of Big Boss Sauce bottles.

Original BBQ

The Everything Sauce (it tastes great on Seafood—shrimp and salmon—as well as BBQ)

Bold BBQ

BBQ With a Bite

Buffalo Sauce

It makes your Wings Fly with Flavor

Wild Sauce

Flavor of the Southwest with A Chipotle-Buffalo Bite

Jamaican Jerk

Taste The Island Spice


An Asian Sensation

Brat Sauce

Better than Ketchup To Smother Your Sausage

Fire Sauce

A rich blend of habanero, chipotle, jalapeno peppers and secret spices bringing full flavor and heat.


Image of Big Boss Bucket.

The Big Boss Bucket

Say hello to the Ultimate Man Gift! Three Sauces of your choice, a basting brush and a pint glass | $35.00

*Individual Sauces and Big Boss Buckets available in store, or contact us for purchase and delivery options.